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Crashes ever time I open


Crashing lately

Is anyone else having trouble with app crashing right when it opens? Love the app and spent plenty of money, but can't if it keeps crashing. Reinstalled it, no luck. Going on about a week now.

Did somebody say early access?

The memory of the perfect black dress I missed out on because I didn't get there fast enough still burns. Hoping a little warning and a bit of a head start won't let that happen again.

Love the new app

Love the new version. Very user-friendly. Love Steals, too!!

Sweet app!

This app is so cool. I get to "steal" a deal before the others. I'm a VIP!! Love it.



This app rocks!

This app is awesome! I love how colorful the interface is, and the fact that I can jump on and access the steals 10 min before everyone else makes me feel special lol!

Simple and pretty

Nice quick way to see what the current steals are and make sure I don't forget. I like that the alerts tell me what the item is and that I can say what sites I do/don't want alerts for.

10 minutes early

That’s all I got to say, don’t wait, don’t refresh like a madman hoping that you will be first in line, BE first in line. I love it, never waiting until 9 again, 8:50 is the new 9.

Great update - love the alerts

Instant alerts are great and the 10 min early bird advantage is a nice new feature.

LOVE times a million!

Stealing just got a whole lot easier. Love the custom notifications and to be able to purchase early!

Horrible app

I liked the old Baby Steals app. This one takes you to the internet instead of allowing you to use the app. It's not really even an app. I wish I could give it less than one star. I stopped checking out the daily steals because the app is so frustrating.


I like having an app versus taking up my website section. It works.

Useless-no reminders just goes to website

Waste of space.. Crappy developers obviously

just look it up online

it stayed on the "updating steals" loading page for 5 minutes and did nothing. you might as well just go to their website everyday.

Don't know what happened

This app used to be awesome. You could use it to check all steals and purchase. Now it just opens a link to Safari. What's the point of that??

No notifications anymore!

I used to love this app but after trying all different notifications, none work. Bring back the old version, please.

Not an app anymore - deleting.

This used to be one of my favorite and most used apps. Now, not only does it not give any alerts or badges (which I have turned ON in the noti-center), but it's just a linky to take me to safari. I dot mind using safari to complete the transaction (even though that part is messed up now too), but there's no point in this "app" - no pictures, no prices, no info. Sure, it still "works." I have waited to review this, hoping an update would address these concerns (which i see i'm not the only one complaining), but i am done. I just don't buy from the steal network anymore because its not as easy as it used to be. Oh well; my husband is much happier about this. Deleting this "app!" 😒


All I was hoping for was something to alert me with the new steals. Not only does it not do that but it only lists the new steals and opens a browser. Really? How about some alerts?!?!

Love it

This does still work. I use it everyday and love it.

No longer an app

This is no longer an app. It has no content. It opens with a list of the 4 steals, no prices, no additional info, not even a settings option. All it does is redirect to safari. Not sure if this update has errors or if this was intentional. It was fine before except for some bugs with checking out. Deleting.

What happened?

Ever since the update it hasn't worked as well. Go back to the other version... It was much more friendly.

Take this app out of the App store

This is NOT an app. This is a quick link to the web page in safari. My experience with safari in the last 3 steals (that I tried to buy on), was that safari would not load the google payments page because "safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred." so this means I can no longer steal from my phone... App nor web. I guess I should be thankful because I will be saving money for sure! But, alas, I am sad. And apparently the steal network has no intention of correcting the app to be compliant with Apple.

It's a sad "app" now

First off it hasn't even worked since the update. I get a steal alert 36 minutes after steal time (useless info by then). Secondly it's no different than me making safari link for my phone! I miss the old worked and was much easier to use and wayyy better. :( of course this new app is saving me lots of money since I miss steal time and I can't steal from my phone.

No good -- you ruined it!!!!

As with everyone else, I updated thinking that with SheSteals, the new version would just add that to the current format. Instead, all this is is a link to the we page in Safari. The entire point of having an app is so that it DOESN'T use Safari - duh!!! StealNetwork are you listening??? This is getting deleted, and you are losing business with this mistake! Fix it fix it!

Used to love

Same as everyone else I used to love this app! Totally miss the daily 8am push notification; I used to buy all the time but don't anymore because I don't get my push notification :(

Just an FYI

Spoke to the steal ntwk and turns out that Apple does not support third party payments (via Google) so they had to shut it down and send you to the web. I don't know why they can't process through something else but stealnetwork doesn't seem to care or seem to be trying to resolve the concern.

Useless app

Used to be a great app. I updated to have shesteals included, and the update is terrible. Why redirect to safari? What is the point of this app?


I hate that this was updated to go straight to the web version. That's not why we download apps people!

Waste of space

This app used to be useful, but since the update that routes user to a browser version (and not an in-app browser either), I find it pointless. I have the ability to bookmark sites easily if that's what I wanted to do. The only thing this is good for is reminding you to check their site if you for some reason blank. Fix it please!

Sad update

Now it's pretty useless. Too bad.

Used to like

Used to like this app. Hate it now. What is the point of an app if it just takes you to the website?


Loved the app until the last update. Now it is completely worthless.

Bummed at the latest "update"

I see I'm not the only one who feels this way...this used to be a useful app that let you view the day's steals, click to see descriptions, purchase items, etc. Now it just redirects you to the web page and is pretty useless. Also, in addition to reverting to the old app format, please add an automatic notification of the evening steal.

Came to check

Came to look at the reviews to see if I'm the only one having issues. And I'm not. I to used to love this app. Not true anymore. To many redirects now. I can't purchase anything using the app now. Wish they would go back. Until then, I will not be on.

Used to love it

I agree with everyone else. It used to be a great app, now I never use it because, well, it's useless. I would love it if they went back to their old format.

Used to love it, now I hate it

I agree with the previous 20+ reviews. The old app was better. Planning on deleting it if I don't see a change soon.

Horrible bring back the old app!

I've never reviewed an app before, this app is now pointless! I find I don't even look at the steals anymore why have an app that just brings you to a web page? I'll be deleting this app, hope it is fixed sometime in the future because I used to look at it daily.

Pointless app

I used to enjoy the app...but what's the point of an app if you can do anything without opening safari?!

Used to be ok, now is worse than awful

It used to be irritating with the scrolling up without a fast up, and the need to return to the "home" page for each steal to see a different aspect of the steal, but it was useful at least - buying from the app and seeing everything right there. Seriously, whoever sold you guys on changing the app to be a glorified bookmark to take us to the website on safari should have their job qualifications reviewed. I do like having the three steals pictured so I don't have to waste my time opening one if it's obviously not something I'm interested in, but for the love of the steal!!! Put it back the way it was!

Not an update at all!

This latest "update" is actually a downgrade. I like being able to look at the steals in the app. If I had wanted to use safari to do that I would not have downloaded this app in the first place. It's completely useless now. I don't even get notifications at all anymore and I'm probably going to delete it. Hopefully they will bring back the old app and get rid of this junk!


I bought from babysteals all the time right from the app on my phone. Now all this app is - is a link to the website. What a complete and total waste of valuable space on my iPhone. Seriously ... Deleting after I finish writing this review. Completely ridiculous. Why ruin a good thing??? Way to lose customers.

Update made it useless

Really, why downgrade a great app?

So-called "upgrade" is actually a downgrade

Now when you click on your steal choice - baby, kid, or scrapbook - it opens in Safari! What's the point of having an app then?

Bummed on the updates

The new updates make the app difficult to use... The old was much better...planning to delete it.

USED to be an awesome app!!!

I love the Steal Network. And I LOVE all the things I have ordered (or stolen) from them but this recent updated app is worthless. If I wanted to shop in Safari I wouldn't have installed an app in the first place. If this doesn't get a new (actually improved) update I'll definitely be deleting this app!


App is now completely useless. I can't order anything from my phone because the way it is set up. Worst update I have ever seen. If things don't get better I will stop using The Steal Network.

Deleted App because of update!!

The update ruined this app. Please change it back!!!!

What the crap?!?

Negative 1 billion stars for the stupidest "upgrade" I've ever seen in an app. What the crap is the point in having it open Safari now?!? If I wanted to use Safari, I would keep that tab open...but my 8 tabs are valuable, and I am not wasting one on Steal Network. A job poorly done!


I agree with everyone...why did they have to change it to open in Safari? For that I could just go to their website, I don't need an app! Then if I already have 8 open pages, it will use one of those to direct to the Steal site. Don't like it at all. Please change it back!

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